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Zürich is looking a lot like this lately. I know this is a strange complaint, but I’m missing winter. Every time I check the forecast snow is about a week away and then when we get there the forecast has changed. Except for some cloudy cold days and a bit of rain, all we’ve seen lately is about 15 minutes of falling snow this morning. One day I actually wished we were in the Polar Vortex. So, I’m crossing my fingers for a bit more winter weather this week. Maybe even a bit more like the beautiful snow we saw below while on the Glacier Express near Andermatt after New Years. I’m really dying wake up in a snow globe and head out for an adventure with my new Christmas snowshoes!


In the meantime, our schedules have returned to normal. Work has been a bit slow so my boss keeps encouraging me to go home early and “go running” as that must be what he imagines I do in all my free time (if only). I have made it home earlier some days, which has allowed for reading and cleaning around the house (and more closet space).


This weekend we are heading out to tour a new homeschwiizhome if you know what I mean. I’m excited about the prospect of more space, light, views, and outdoor space. Now we just need to check out the place and weigh the pros/cons before deciding.

So, as I head to bed, I wish you all a nice weekend as well, and I’ll see you back here soon.

  • edible art // These clever and beautiful photographic food collages would be a fun addition to a kitchen or dining area.
  • on the stove // I made this winter vegetable curry and the accompanying apple raita on Tuesday and it was an amazing combination and the leftovers were equally good.
  • in the oven // These pear and hazelnut muffins are my baking to do list.
  • by train // I find train travel to be so restful and the Maharajah Express sounds like a really luxurious and interesting way to see India.
  • wooden cows // I cannot wait to have a little kid to give me an excuse to start collecting these cute Swiss wooden animals. Martin’s mom recently bought a cute barn and a few animals and it was so, so fun to pick out a few more animals for her collection.
  • bathtime // I’m not really one for baths, but I think I could get into it if I had one of these fantastic tubs.
  • be mine // Some of these cards ring so true (e.g. this one, but I’m working on that).
  • and finally // These bad lip readings of football players really crack me up.
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