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Last week’s hiatus in posting is due to the limited internet access we had at home last week. Our modem died and it was an incredibly long few days of squinting over my iPhone screen before we were able to get back online. We also upgraded a bit with a new modem and, as a bonus, a new cable box which allows us to turn on the TV guide without pressing the remote control at least 10 times and a DVR which can actually record more than one channel at a time. I am so happy to say that it is a new world of TV freedom in the Bingisser household and we no longer have to debate about which show (usually Top Gear vs. Call the Midwife) while the other records.

Waterlogue-2So, now that we are online again I have had a bit of time to find a few more favorites below.  I have also spent more time thinking/worrying about the whole moving process. Moving is always complicated, but moving here in Switzerland just a few miles down the road is apparently even more complicated due to the language barrier and unknown requirements of the moving, apartment cleaning, and the handover process.

I felt a little sad today thinking that since we’ll soon be on vacation in the US for a few weeks we only really have four more weekends in our current place–our first home together. I’ll also miss my runs through Friedhof Manegg, the cemetery nearby which is already filled with Spring green (see above).

I’m definitely excited about the new space, but the process is taking a little bit of the joy out of the move. Luckily, it seems that the search for a tenant on short notice is easier than I thought as after only one day on the UBS Pinboard we have at least four interested people coming in the next few days to view the place. We are crossing our fingers that they all submit an application so that by the time we
get back from America we definitely have a tenant and can move on to dealing with the rest of the details – i.e. professional cleaners? Exact date of moving? How exactly do we inform the electrical company? And so on. So many details, but I guess we’ll have learned a lot by the end of this ordeal.

In the meantime, I’m really excited that Spring is coming, the sun is out, and I have only three more work days until vacation. I’m excited to catch up with at least some of you while I’m Oregon and California.

I wish you all a nice weekend as well!

  • squirrel! // I think my PNW friends need this squirrel feeder in their backyards. At least it would add a laugh and perhaps focus the squirrels on their own feeder instead of every other bird feeder.
  • breakfast // I’ve been on an oatmeal kick lately so I’m looking forward to summer peaches and trying this recipe.
  • new ikea ps // I’m excited about our next trip to Ikea in April when we get a new, larger wardrobe/closet and can check out the new Ikea PS collection.
  • sjp // I love how down-to-earth Sarah Jessica Parker seems in this quick Vogue interview, and I would love to see more of her house.
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