freitag favorites + fall running

This weekend is supposed to be sunny and warm so we are considering a day trip to the mountains for a little hiking and fall foliage. In the last two weeks, the best views around here have really been on my afternoon/evening runs. I’ve been slowly expanding my knowledge of the trails within a few miles of our house and have found all sorts of great new hills and views to inspire even more exploring.


Fall is my favorite time of year for running (except the gnats) and so far this fall has been beautiful and all the running has also really helped me control my afternoon/evening blood sugar. Unfortunately it is already getting dark in the evenings around 6:30 here so soon I will have to start running during my lunch hour or commit myself to more time in the gym as I’ve never been a big fan of running in the dark. In any case, I’ll take these views in the meantime. I hope you are also having a beautiful fall!

Have a great weekend, and enjoy my favorite finds from this week…

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