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After a long and tiring week, I’m looking forward to a quiet weekend without any plans. I’m hoping the sun shines long enough to squeeze in at least one daylight long run, and if not, at least I’ll have a cozy spot on the couch and time for some knitting while listening to a new audio book.

I’m also starting to think about our Thanksgiving menu and table arrangement. This year we are hosting our friendsgiving feast on Friday night and I’m excited to have more space in our dining room, even though I’m not sure yet how many guests we will have. This salad may be the first item on the menu.

Also, today is World Diabetes Day (and November is American Diabetes Awareness month) so while I’ll be marking the occasion with a 3 am blood sugar check, perhaps you’ll spot some blue lights and blue circles popping up around your towns. I guess even the Seahawks are lighting up their stadium tonight with blue lights, although who knows if anyone will realize the significance. I hope so.

So, on that note, I’ll leave you with some of my other (more fun) favorites from this week. Hope you all have a great weekend, and I’ll see you back here in a few days with my final (belated) thoughts on our Turkey trip and Istanbul.

  • I would have loved to go on this lovely printmaking and block printing tour by Ace Camps around Jaipur, India with my sister.
  • The more time I spend in my new kitchen, the more I appreciate its design and storage. I only really miss a bigger oven, and I wouldn’t mind if it was just a bit less industrial looking. Really, I just want it to be a bit more modern, minimal, and thoughtfully designed like the little kitchens in these new Swedish apartments.
  • This clever and touching mother/daughter photo series makes me want to go through all our old photo albums with my mom when I’m home over Christmas.
  • Are you listening to Serial yet? Should I? This WSJ article makes me thinks so.
  • We will be in SF for one night before Christmas and unfortunately it is not enough time to try all the restaurants and bakeries stacking up on my to do list. This selection from the most Instagrammed restaurants doesn’t help, either.
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