freitag favorites + rainy day activities

It is nice to be tucked up inside enjoying one more free Friday while the rain pours down outside. As for my May 1st activity, I’m keeping clear of Zurich and any protests, and am just happy to be home for another long weekend. So far I’ve had a chance to finish knitting my first sweater for Baby Bing while listening to an audio book, catch up Feedly for the week, and take a long afternoon nap.

I also did a little reading about things to do/see on Crete in advance of our June trip and Martin had to remind me that while exploring Samariá Gorge, Europe’s longest ravine might be cool, an 11 mile hike down the ravine to a little beach town is probably going to be a bit much for his seven months pregnant wife. Given my relative low level of activity lately, I suppose he is right. Anyone have any other must-see ideas besides lying on the beach?

In other news, I’m counting down to my trip home to the US in a few weeks. I’m especially excited that the baby has provided an amazing excuse for so many of my friends and family to get together for a party and it will be so nice to see everyone. I cannot wait!

Well, I’m off to start some dinner. Hopefully this weekend I’ll be back here again to share a bit our Copenhagen weekend in March. Until then, I leave you with my favorites from this week . . .

Happy May, and happy weekend!

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