freitag favorites + summer heat

Martin is off to Ticino for a weekend of training/coaching and I’m already busy trying to stay as cool as possible. This summer is off to a hot, hot start, and without true AC anywhere except perhaps the grocery store this pregnant lady is limited to keeping cool with cold showers and lazing in front of the fan with her feet up. I’ve already been wishing I was back in Crete with this view:

Day two's goodnight glow. #crete

A photo posted by Kate Bingisser (@homeschwiizhome) on

Instead, this weekend I’ll be occupied checking a few more things off the Baby Bing to do list, enjoying the start of my favorite summer sporting event–the Tour de France, and thinking patriotic thoughts. Happy Fourth of July to all my friends & family back home!

Hope you have all have a wonderful, and perhaps fireworks-filled weekend, and enjoy some of my favorites from this week . . .

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