freitag favorites + the waiting game

The wait for Baby Bing continues over here, but at least spending time with my mom and Martin helps decrease my frustration and pre-labor jitters. We spent most of yesterday at the hospital beginning induction, and hoping for a September 3rd baby to share Martin’s grandma’s birthday, but came home around 10pm only a few “training contractions” into the process. Now we’ll be headed back again later tonight unless I can eat enough spicy food or take enough brisk walks to further jump start the process. My dad arrives tomorrow afternoon and I’m sure is hoping that the baby will delay long enough to share his birthday on September 6th. In any case, there isn’t much #laborbeforelaborday happening yet around here.

While waiting, I have managed to knit a few more rows of a tiny baby sweater, play several games of Words with Friends with my mom, lazily watch some TV, and gather my latest favorites. Enjoy, and hopefully I’ll be back here soon with more updates.

  • In the hopes that it may end up as my last delicious pre-labor meal, I’ve taken up eating the leftovers of this amazing crispy peach cobbler for breakfast for the last few days. I cannot recommend this recipe enough. No peeling is needed/required, the cobbler topping is light and fluffy, and the crispy sugar lid is heaven. Go bake it now.
  • After setting my out of office reply just over one week ago to announce my absence until mid-April 2016, I found this NYT article on the art of the out of office reply quite timely.
  • If you still haven’t gotten up to bake the cobbler, maybe this fun video of baked goods rising will be all the motivation you need.
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