freitag favorites, a little late

IMG_6506-1This freitag favorites comes a day late, though technically it was still Friday on the West Coast when I finished it up. Since I already have some other favorites planned for next week, I didn’t want to miss my opportunity to still share a few with you this week. Martin took Friday off giving me a bit more time to organize my thoughts while Reese was busy playing with him and practicing her new thumb-sucking skill (which she can also do while smiling).

This weekend I have nothing planned except pre-Christmas baking for my office colleagues, finishing a baby sweater for Reese (finally!), and reading. I’ve finished the yoke and assembled the body of the sweater so all that is left is the side seams and blocking. It is also supposed to sunny this weekend so I may also finally get outside for a run on Sunday. Martin and I both seem to be fighting off colds at the moment so hopefully we get a little more rest and don’t pass anything off to Reese.

We’re also excitedly thinking about our trip to the States in mid-March. Ticket prices seem to be pretty reasonable (< $2000 for all of us round-trip) at the moment so perhaps we can snag something that fits our agenda before the prices go up.

I hope you are enjoying your December days. I cannot believe there are less than two weeks until Christmas! Enjoy your weekend, and my faves below:

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