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In the last week since all our visitors have returned home, we have settled into a quiet daily routine, especially since the weather has been very, very wet and windy most days. I’ve been busy decluttering around the house, organizing the last few years of favorite photos into yearly albums for printing, and  feeling a little sad as I think about going back to work (mostly as we consider how we’ll manage work and ample family time). We’re definitely sad to be so far from family when considering childcare options.

IMG_6956Reese caught her first cold this week and while she has been pretty stuffed up, the cold hasn’t really impacted her smiles or sleeping schedule. She’s settling into regular nap times (around 9.30am and 1.30pm) and her bedtime routine involves PJs, reading, and a milky night-cap before bed around 6.45pm while falling asleep to the sounds of heavy rain and a music box. While this is a little sad for Martin on nights when he coaches late and comes home after she is already asleep, it is nice to have some time in the evening together, especially since making dinner while she is awake is still pretty difficult; she usually isn’t interested in much except sitting up with toys, being held, or dancing in the last hour before bed. As her schedule settles, I am finding time to do more throughout the day, but still struggling with a regular exercise routine.

Today we awoke to a sunny morning and a little fresh snow, so we bundled up and headed into town to meet one of my friends and co-workers for coffee. We ended up spending an hour in my office so that I could try to help my team with a small admin problem. While I waited forever for my computer to restart and recognize my password, Reese worked hard to stay awake and charm my co-workers. Too bad I cannot just bring her to the office and trade off baby entertainment as a task for my team. She is so cute and cheerful that I’m sure it would keep team morale high.

This weekend we don’t have any plans except to enjoy being cozy at home. Reese will be practicing rolling over; I’m hoping to finally finish a weaving project I started too many months ago; and I know Martin is looking forward to time for reading and crossing his fingers that popovers will be part of his Sunday breakfast.

So, I’ll leave you with quite a few of my favorites from the last few weeks, including a few leftover holiday finds . . .

  • twinkle lights // I love holiday lights, particularly Zurich’s Lucy lights along Bahnhofstrasse so this NYT interactive was a fun way to see some iconic buildings as they were lit for the holidays in New York City.
  • knotty knits // Tangled yarn can be pretty frustrating to deal with while knitting so I guess it makes sense that some people also love to detangle yarn.
  • snow // My winter so far has been short on snow, so I’m really loving these artistic wintry snowscapes (via Gardenista).
  • baby campers // I don’t want to be a helicopter parent, but the thought of sending three-year-old Reese on a multi-day kindergarten camping trip seems like a bit much for my taste (via WSJ).
  • well-lit // I have the perfect corner spot for this clever and compact wall lamp, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to be available for EU voltage yet.
  • counting the days // This laser-cut paper desktop calendar is so cool (via Food52).
  • egg-cellent storage // Eggs aren’t refrigerated here in Switzerland (at least when you buy then), and I think that this egg slide would be a great way to save fridge space and still use the older eggs first.
  • clever kitchen storage //  These garlic and onion baskets are both practical and well-designed.
  • sweet treats // After devouring some amazing fudge when we were in London, we’ve been on a bit of fudge kick lately. I’ve never made it but with these tips and recipes from Food52, it may be time.
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