freitag favorites + snow

Thanks to an internet outage at home (hello, dead modem) and a winter weekend away in Klosters, last week’s freitag favorites are now this week’s. Oh well. While we were away, we enjoyed some snowy days with friends including Martin’s first time downhill skiing (wahoo!!), lots of baby giggles (little kids and snowballs are so funny) and yawns, and dreamy Swiss alpine architecture.

winter yawnsNow, as I type, snowflakes are falling and I’m counting down the hours until my parents arrive tomorrow afternoon for a short visit. We’re planning to see a few new sights for all of us in the next week and since this trip is pretty short I’m thrilled to know that we’ll see them again in March in the US; it definitely makes saying goodbye a little easier when you know the next visit is coming right up.

So, while I’m off to prep for the weekend, I’ll leave you with my favorites and see you back here soon . . .snowy chalet

Schönes Wochenende!

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