freitag favorites + five years

I’m really happy to see this week come to an end, especially because it marks the start of a special weekend followed by a short summer holiday.

First, this Sunday marks our five year wedding anniversary. In some ways, it seems like no time has passed; in other ways, so much has changed. Our wedding day was so memorable, beautiful, and mostly, so much fun. Enough time has passed that I would change some small things if I had the opportunity to plan it again, but the most important decision I definitely wouldn’t change. I am so lucky that I get to share every day with Martin, and now watching him with Reese pretty much just makes my heart explode with love for our little family. I love them both so much, and I’m so happy to have a little extra special time to enjoy just being the three of us.

KateMartinBrideGroom17Following our low-key weekend, we’re off to Amsterdam on Monday morning for four days of fun. What’s especially nice about our itinerary is that we don’t have too much planned. We’ll be in Utrecht on Wednesday night to see Jason Isbell in concert with Reese and her noise-cancelling headphones in tow, so we’ll see how that goes. I’m excited and it was the birthday boy’s specific wish, so hopefully it goes well. Otherwise, we’ll just be spending time exploring Amsterdam’s best museums, coffee, and sights along the canals. If you have any favorite must sees/dos/eats, please let me know.

WeI’m off to catch up on some Olympic coverage before bed. I’ll leave you with a few favorites for the week . . .

  • popcorn // We’re big fans of popcorn for dinner, especially with a side of apples and a Saturday night movie, so this suggestion for making buttered popcorn even better sounds good to try.
  • paper cafe // I’ve loved Moleskine notebooks for years, whether in use as my college day planner (oh, those pre-iCal/iPhone days) or more recently as a blood sugar/insulin tracking tool. In fact, I still sort of miss using a paper agenda, although with so many different schedules, it definitely is easier to go digital. That being said, I do still use paper notebooks all the time so I’m excited to add the new Moleskine Cafe in Milan to my travel destination to do list.
  • lego art // These classic paintings redone with Lego people are hilarious. I particularly love Van Legogh, Toy with a Pearl Earring, and this one.
  • baby clothes // I’m not a huge fan of baby clothes with slogans, i.e. you won’t catch Reese in a “I love Mommy” shirt anytime soon. However, I think this shirt is just too adorable and funny to pass up.

Schönes Wochenende!

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