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img_1108Since I only work three days a week (or 60% in Swiss employment terms), I feel like I have little room to complain about how busy I am. Still, work is extra busy right now as I’ve recently taken on a new role and responsibilities and so I have a renewed appreciation for weekend (and Sabbath) rest.

This weekend is also the first in awhile without any big plans or overnight guests. We have been so lucky to have so many family and friends visiting this year and helping with Reese and, while I’m sad that we won’t be seeing them until Christmas, I’m also a bit glad for a little break.

Our new nanny started officially this week and now it is time to establish the weekly routine that will get us through next spring when Reese will hopefully get off the waitlist and into daycare. In the meantime, we’re thankful to have found someone that Reese already loves and we’re also excited about the prospect of her little brain’s exposure to more Swiss German.

At the moment, her vocabulary is expanding like crazy, with a particular focus on animal sounds and people’s names. Last weekend, in Klosters, she had plenty of opportunity to practice “moos” and “baas” and this week she also started saying “Grüezi” (the Swiss salutation) while we shopped around town in response to a few similar greetings from friendly shopkeepers. It’s so fun to watch her personality develop every day!

So, before I completely get side-tracked reviewing my fave baby pics and videos, I’ll leave you with my favorites from the last week . . .

  • fall dinners // I cannot think of anything more delicious right now than pumpkin pasta.
  • marble lighting // Sadly the voltage difference between the US and CH means I don’t have a home for these cool marble paper pendants.
  • to knit // I haven’t picked up my knitting needles in awhile, but with the cooler weather here I’m ready to cozy up with a new project for Reese. This wrap sweater is so cute and could be up next.
  • gummy bear cake // This amazing gummy bear cake featured in Darcy Miller’s new Celebrate Everything is such a fun future birthday cake idea.
  • think like a decorator // If you are at all into interior design this little WSJ journal quiz on whether you think like a decorator is pretty hilarious.

Schönes Wochenende!

{photo from last weekend in Klosters}

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