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After a week of living in a swirling snow globe (as you can see below), the weather turned extra frigid, and we’ve spent the last few days bundled up warmly inside. This weekend we’ve got no plans so far, except perhaps making more cookies and thinking about a snowy, mountain day trip.

This view is helping my case of the Tuesdays #lastdayofvacation #snowday #homeschwiizhome

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While we figure it out, I’ll leave you with this week’s favorites . . .

  • cookie monster // I baked Dorie Greenspan’s World Peace Cookies last weekend and they are super easy and really good with tea and movie night. We watched “The Accountant” and enjoyed it even more than expected.
  • new to watch // Have you heard of Cara Barrett? If not, you might enjoy this NYT introduction. After stealing one of Martin’s Maurice Lacroix watches a few years ago, I’m still on the hunt for one to make mine. This comment from Barrett really resonated with me: “I think the Swiss still think women are like 1950s housewives who need a cocktail watch, whereas women are more active than ever. They’re working more than ever. They want something practical.” I have pretty small wrists, but I still find that most watches made for women just don’t fit my style. Follow @its.cara.time on Instagram for lots more fun time-keeping inspiration. (This one and this one are among my recent favorites.)
  • reading // I love spending a few hours in a good bookstore, so I enjoyed Ann Patchetts’s guide for bookstore lovers.
  • productivity // Despite my love for my family iCal, I still my miss my old-school paper agenda. This year  at work I’m trying a new system of tracking my to do list and meeting notes following more of an agenda style. Not only is it a bit more fun, organized, and intuitive, but it feels more productive. It’s kind of like the appeal of bullet journaling.
  • target // Oh, how I miss Target. American friends, go get this pillow  or this one and this planter and so many more fun and well-priced items from their Threshold collection.

Schönes Wochenende!

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