wish-listed // 03.2017

I’m back from a week of sightseeing (and conferencing) in Washington, D.C., and we experienced both winter and spring while we were there so that is a bit what I’m feeling still right now. I’m still searching for more of winter’s coziness with snowy days, candlelight, and soup, but I’m also looking forward to more spring sunlight and shoes. Here’s what’s topping my wish-list this month . . .

  1. I have a few pieces of Riess enamelware, a pitcher and a casserole dish, but I love the shape and color of this multi-purpose, lidded saucepan.
  2. I’ve been burning through some of the big candles making up my living room *fireplace* and when I’m done, I think I’d like to add a little hurricane like this one from Menu with some unscented candles as well, especially because scented candles seem to be setting off my allergies more than usual.
  3. It’s probably been at least 15 years since I last owned a pair of mules, but after getting a cute and comfy pair of silver penny loafer mules in D.C., I also have my eyes on this Freda Salvador pair, perfect for transitional work wear from winter to spring, and into fall.
  4. Winter is almost over, but I’m still thinking about this cute polar bear hat. Maybe next year.
  5. I’m on the hunt for a cute kids table and chairs for Reese, and I cannot take my eyes off the mini Louis Ghost (Lou Lou Ghost) chairs for kids. I particularly love it in light blue.
  6. I’ve promised Martin that we can finally finish decorating our bedroom and on the top of the list is art for above our bed. I love current vintage botanical posters, but he’s definitely ready for something else. This modern but still impressionistic painting from Elaine Coombs is probably a bit small, but I love her style. The subtle branches and light remind me of looking out my childhood bedroom window.
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