wish-listed // 08.2017

I just accepted that it was July, and now it’s August. Summer is still flying by, but at least we have squeezed a bit more outside exploration in the last week to add to our list of summer adventures. Today is Swiss National Day, so we all enjoyed the day off work, although we ended up spending most of the morning deep cleaning around the house. Reese graciously offered to “dust the cracks on the bench” with her favorite dusting mitt, ride the vacuum, and use her “piggy broom” (dustpan set) to brush up some dust bunnies.

This afternoon we took a much-needed restorative (if hot) walk around the Türlersee, a short 15-minute drive for our house but seemingly much farther from the city with it’s quiet waters and lots of friends and families enjoying the water, paddle boarding, and swimming on this holiday afternoon. It was the perfect way to stretch out after an unexpectedly tough hike on Saturday (more on that later) and a nice break from the normal mid-week grind.

With Reese off to bed we can get back to binge-watching The Tunnel, eating ice cream bars, and generally enjoying the last few hours before “the Tuesdays” (my depressed version of a Sunday night before going back to work) sets in.

So, here’s what is topping my wish-list for the rest of summer . . .


  1. In a few week’s we’ll be off on our big trip this year, just back to the US to visit friends and family in Oregon and celebrate Reese’s second birthday. I’ve never had a travel pillow, but lately every time I fly I’m reminded of how uncomfortable my post-flight neck cramps feel. This time I’m thinking of trying out this Trtl pillow (. Perhaps it also will help me make the most of any sleep I get in-flight with a toddler.
  2. Since I’m refusing to accept that summer will soon be ending, I’m still thinking about these starry, strappy sandals for the last days of summer.
  3. I’m loving the idea of this colorful Clare V leather tassel for a little extra fun going into fall on my favorite silver handbag. It would also be super cute with item 6 below.
  4. I can hardly believe it, but Reese is almost two! We’re still thinking of what toys she might enjoy most, especially what won’t annoy us to look at, hear, or play with. These wooden blocks, along with pretty much the rest of Grimm’s blocks, are high on my list so far.
  5. I need to find a place in our house for this heart print mudcloth pillow ASAP.
  6. Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale is still going on and I love this light blue/gray All Saints handbag. I already ordered one, but unfortunately it (along with a number of other items I ordered) have since been cancelled as they “weren’t available at the time of order fulfillment” so I may have to figure out what the problem is since you can still order it online and it is apparently available in store still and this doesn’t seem like typical Nordstrom customer service to me.
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