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Thank goodness for a free Friday (after working Tuesday) with nothing to do and some extra time to catch up on rest already before the weekend. Martin and I have both been feeling tired this week, probably mostly due to staying up late watching track and field over the last week, but then he woke up not feeling well and with a nasty headache, so it was a good day to just be home and resting inside with dark, rainy weather outside.

Tomorrow we plan to head to Basel to check out the Wolfgang Tillmans exhibit at Fondation Beyeler and then meet some friends for a coffee. Perhaps we’ll also be able to squeeze in another hike on Sunday.I’m still reveling in the awe and beauty of last week hiking above the Oeschinensee (another view from the trail is above).

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend. I’ll leave you with this week’s favorites, and I hope to see you back here next week . . .

  • breakfast bowls // Reese and I have been enjoying variations on chia breakfast bowls this week. So far we’re big fans of greek yogurt, berries, coconut, nuts and a little honey, so I think this blueberry version might be up to try next.
  • ceramics // I love, love, love the new colors and patterns of Kahler’s fall collection (as shared by Coco Lapine Design), particularly the deep blue teapot, jug and the classic striped vases.
  • summer soup // If hot weather ever comes back this season, I’m hoping to try this gazpacho (and I’m sure Reese would love it if well-blended).
  • lbd // I wish I had the figure (and the occasion) to wear this beautiful black dress.
  • books // It’s hard to say who enjoys kids’ books more in our house, me or Reese. So I definitely agree with this article on The Grown-up Joys of Reading Children’s Books. I love hearing Reese say things like:”Read by myself in bed?” (usually A Brave Bear), “Read Carlos’s Umbrella?” (The Umbrella), and “Uh oh. Goliath tipped over.” (from her Lift the Flap Bible) She is definitely a baby book lover.
  • along the water // It’s a little funny since I didn’t grown up really near big bodies of water, but I definitely feel the pull of living near water. I’m not at home unless there is a lake or decent-sized river nearby and I can see mountains. I think that is why both Seattle and Zurich have also been appealing to me. I guess the feeling is also true for others as living near water does make us happier.
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