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Ah, finally the weekend. It’s rainy and cozy at home and thanks to holiday cheer already lighting up all around Zurich, I’m breaking out the Christmas music early this year. Only a few more weeks of a big work project and then I’ll really be in the holiday spirit.

This weekend we’re just laying low at home. Hopefully we’ll also be enjoying some good ol’ pumpkin pie since I finally roasted the beautiful blue/green pumpkin I picked up a Jucker Farm this fall.

So, in the spirit of the holidays, I leave you with a mixed bag of favorite fall sweets, eats, and other cozy and helpful things. Here’s to a wonderful, fall weekend . . .

  • lego man // Wow, a little late now for this year, but this fully functional cardboard Lego costume is very cool.
  • easy dinner // Some form of curry and tofu is usually on our dinner menu at least once per week. This crispy coconut tofu looks delicious.
  • watercolor scarf // I’ve got too many other projects at the moment, but I’m still thinking about getting out my loom for weaving this scarf.
  • hot drinks // Love the colors and shape of these ceramic mugs (now on super sale).
  • pumpkin pie // Now this transparent pumpkin pie is crazy.
  • peanut butter cups // My favorite Halloween candy is definitely a Reese’s peanut butter cup, but in an effort to cut back on sweets, I’m instead thinking about trying this vegan peanut butter chocolate tart or these super butter cups.
  • wall storage // I’m always hesitant about one more item of furniture that needs to be attached to the wall (or even hung); Swiss solid brick/concrete walls aren’t super fun to deal with. This cool wall bar system is really appealing though for easy book storage, climbing, and even in tight entryways.
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