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weisse schokolade bären

I may have to start a special column just to document all the varieties of Swiss chocolate that Martin and I have been trying. A column would be a great excuse to taste test more chocolate. And, I promise to share the go-to favorites always stocked on our sweets shelf. (I’ll also deliver them upon […]

speerstrasse sights

One of the main reasons I started this blog was so that I could more easily share photos and anecdotes about adapting to life in Switzerland with all of you. This post is for my dad, who has already asked multiple times to see more of my neighborhood. So, on my post-run walk to the […]

st. gallen saturday

Last Saturday afternoon Martin and I took the train to St. Gallen, the largest city in NE Switzerland. St. Gallen originated in 613 when an Irish monk, Gallus, chose the site for his hermitage. The Benedictine Abbey of St. Gall was founded there in 747 and when its library was established in the 9th century, […]

grüezi from zürich!

Welcome to my neighborhood! Here are two views of my neighborhood on a walk to the tram after a dusting of snow in mid-January. Since then the weather has gone from bitter cold to Spring sunshine and back to windy and cold with flurrying flakes of snow that never stick. Those of you that know […]