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bonkers for bärlauch

When I first moved to Switzerland 6 years ago, one of my first big adjustments was discovering that I may not find the produce I was looking for at the local grocery store (usually Coop or Migros), especially if it was either too late (or too early) in the season. I was already a pretty seasonal cook in […]

wish-listed // 04.2017 {spring}

Spring is here, and the warmth and sunshine of the last few days is definitely filling my head with thoughts of spring cleaning, seasonal bright colors, and a wardrobe refresh. We’re spending the weekend trying to kick the last of our colds, cleaning up our terrace after winter, and just generally enjoying time in the […]

freitag favorites + spring forward

My freitag favorites have really been piling up around here since I’ve been especially busy the last weeks between a week in Washington, D.C., for a conference and some sightseeing, as well as having lots of fun time with my parents back here hanging around town, touring the *must-see* Monet exhibit at Fondation Beyeler, stopping by the Vitra […]

wish-listed // 03.2017

I’m back from a week of sightseeing (and conferencing) in Washington, D.C., and we experienced both winter and spring while we were there so that is a bit what I’m feeling still right now. I’m still searching for more of winter’s coziness with snowy days, candlelight, and soup, but I’m also looking forward to more […]

freitag favorites + no plans

My weekend plans are pretty similar to Reese’s this afternoon: cuddle up and read. I’m wishing we were looking forward to more snow, but I’ll be content with a walk through town, some good coffee with breakfast, and a cozy weekend with my sweet little family. I hope your plans are just as nice. So, I’ll leave […]

wish-listed // 02.2017 {happy valentine’s month}

I’m a little sad to say goodbye to January as with February beginning it already seems like winter is almost over and I haven’t had enough snow/mountains/skiing/snowshoeing/etc. yet this year. At least instead of mountain weekends, I’ve had ample time for early spring cleaning, re-decorating, and lots of cookie baking. So here’s what’s topping my wish-list this month . . […]

freitag favorites + snow

After a week of living in a swirling snow globe (as you can see below), the weather turned extra frigid, and we’ve spent the last few days bundled up warmly inside. This weekend we’ve got no plans so far, except perhaps making more cookies and thinking about a snowy, mountain day trip. This view is helping my case of the […]

resolutions for 2017

Here we are already halfway into January, and I’m just now finalizing my resolutions. Some of us, like Reese, just go at the year full tilt already have met major milestones in 2017, like walking. Others, like me, think about resolutions but struggle with following through. The last time I posted my resolutions here was in 2014, […]

wish-listed // 01.2017 {happy new year}

Happy New Year! We’re just back from a wonderful holiday back in the US. Between a super jet lagged baby, coming down from the high of seeing and now missing all the beloved friends and family we saw over the last few weeks, and the major annoyance of a still lost suitcase, I’m really struggling with […]