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Perhaps this sunshine map of Europe explains why it seems like Zürich has had five days of rain for every two with sun lately. For awhile the forecast was stuck on cloudy with 100% chance of showers. I’m not complaining about the weather here, and I love a good cozy day when it is pouring rain, but it really isn’t summertime yet here. I’m still waiting for some consistently 80º days. (They better arrive before my mom does or she really will need to break out the fleece she is already planning to packing.) Perhaps this city we now call home has more in common in with Seattle? Well, I am no weather aficionado, but there are only a few cities between Seattle and Zürich on Wikipedia’s list of worldwide cities by latitude. Read more

freitag favorites

As most of you are not Swiss-based readers, you probably have not have heard about the latest historical preservation feat completed here in Zurich.  A 120-year-old, 6,200-tonne building was moved in one piece 60 meters westward using hydraulics and railway tracks in order to save it from demolition due to the expansion of the railway line. The entire journey took 19 hours.  You can see it here.  I found the relocation of this building particularly interesting as I once met Martin for lunch at a restaurant called Gleis 9 on the ground floor during my first Swiss summer in 2010. Read more