freitag favorites + the weekend, finally

Oh, what a week.  The kind of week that started off with discovering that the dry cleaner lost the silk liner slip that goes with my favorite dress, only to have them tell me that since they cannot find it, I actually lost it. The kind where an annoying IT problem at work cannot be fixed all week because IT assumes it fixed itself since they cannot reach me, after calling “multiple times” one minute apart while I’m away from my desk. Yep, that kind of week. Read more


freitag favorites + london

london0616 - 31After another week of crazy rain, I’m thrilled to go into this weekend with an evening full of blue sky and sunshine. It won’t last long, but at least there is more sunshine in our forecast next week. Surprisingly, it was less rainy in London over the weekend than it was in Zurich. Unfortunately, our little mini-break turned into an even quicker trip after a crazy day of travel delays. Read more

freitag favorites + birthday weekend

IMG_8332It’s a good thing it is going to be a sunny, fun-filled birthday weekend because it was a bit of a sad day in our house as my mother-in-law flew back home to the US after visiting us for a month to help with Reese. We are so lucky to have so much family support this summer and it has been so fun to watch the special bond between Lynn and Reese over the last month. Read more

freitag favorites + spring flowers

AIMG_8154fter a mid-week holiday here in Switzerland (Ascension Day), I’m heading into this weekend with extra Spring in my step, especially considering all the beautiful blooms in our neighborhood and the special Mother’s Day delivery already brightening our table. I’m also looking forward to spending some time outside, maybe even lounging on our terrace.

Read more

freitag favorites + wishing for spring

It’s not currently raining (or snowing or hailing) and I’m starting to settle in after three weeks back at work so I’d say this weekend is off to a good start. After a week of fickle spring weather, I’m ready for some sun and warmer temperatures. At least we’re starting to find a work day routine and I still have a little time for some good baby cuddles, giggles, and pinches (a new thing) when I get home. Read more

Reese post-swim

freitag favorites + back to work

Reese post-swimWell, I did it. I survived my first week back at work and it really wasn’t bad at all. Of course I would have preferred to be home longer, but thanks to Martin’s mom, it was easier to leave Reese at home knowing she was loved and perfectly cared for all day. Reese was her chipper self playing at home and I was back in the office to clean out my email inbox, catch up on all news, and get back into the routines of the office. I didn’t feel guilty leaving her at home, but I did miss the hours that I would have had to play with her. And I will miss our Reese and mama lazy mornings. But, I think a three day work week will work out just fine. It also helped that we had time to start a new mama-baby swim class this week (especially exhausting for Reese, apparently). Read more

mt. baker

freitag favorites + final days at home

mt. baker

Well, we’re back from a wonderful trip to the US (and what a view to leave behind). My last full week of maternity leave is just about over and I’ll be back at work next Wednesday. I am very, very lucky to have had 7 full months at home with my sweet girl, but I’m still pretty sad that I’ll be away from her three days a week. That being said, once we find a routine I think it will work out alright. We are also blessed to have a team of grandmas and aunties to assist us over the next few months while we adjust and it is very nice that Martin’s schedule also allows him to be home several days a week so he gets to spend more quality time with Reese. Read more