Down from the Jungfraujoch

freitag favorites + firsts

Down from the Jungfraujoch

The last two weeks have been full of firsts around here. Last weekend we made our first trip up to the Jungfraujoch and I’ll share more about that next week. Reese was also introduced to her first solid food and has been keeping us on our toes as we explore the messy world of feeding a baby. And, unfortunately, I made my first (and hopefully only) visit to the Swiss ER this week after badly slicing my right index finger with a rotary cutter while finishing Reese’s Easter basket. Read more

freitag favorites + snow

Thanks to an internet outage at home (hello, dead modem) and a winter weekend away in Klosters, last week’s freitag favorites are now this week’s. Oh well. While we were away, we enjoyed some snowy days with friends including Martin’s first time downhill skiing (wahoo!!), lots of baby giggles (little kids and snowballs are so funny) and yawns, and dreamy Swiss alpine architecture.

winter yawns Read more

wednesday sunrise

freitag favorites + beautiful sunrises


This week flew by in a flurry of activity at home. Floor time and dancing with Reese, de-cluttering the pantry, baking granola, cleaning up my files, and leaning out the kitchen window several mornings this week to capture some seriously amazing sunrises. I also prepped the guest room for another round of visitors. My dear friend Maggie arrives this morning and I’m so excited to have her here and meet Reese. We became friends on a London study tour in college and I’m so happy to have the opportunity to explore, shop, and be in Europe together again. Read more

st. moritz bobsled

freitag favorites + memories

Most of my free time this week was spent sorting photos. While Reese snoozed, I found our favorites from 2011-2014 and created albums on Artifact Uprising. I’m just about done with the layout for 2014 and then just have one more year to catch-up before I can start flagging favorites for Reese’s first album. It has been so fun to re-live our adventures, and I’m even more excited to look through and share the albums once printed. It’s hard to believe that we already spent five full years in Switzerland. How different our life is now. Read more

bright winter blooms

freitag favorites + short update

In the last week since all our visitors have returned home, we have settled into a quiet daily routine, especially since the weather has been very, very wet and windy most days. I’ve been busy decluttering around the house, organizing the last few years of favorite photos into yearly albums for printing, and  feeling a little sad as I think about going back to work (mostly as we consider how we’ll manage work and ample family time). We’re definitely sad to be so far from family when considering childcare options. Read more

freitag favorites, a little late

IMG_6506-1This freitag favorites comes a day late, though technically it was still Friday on the West Coast when I finished it up. Since I already have some other favorites planned for next week, I didn’t want to miss my opportunity to still share a few with you this week. Martin took Friday off giving me a bit more time to organize my thoughts while Reese was busy playing with him and practicing her new thumb-sucking skill (which she can also do while smiling). Read more

freitag favorites + thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was extra special this year even though we didn’t host our normal friendsgiving dinner. Not only was it Reese’s first Thanksgiving, but also my parents arrived on Thanksgiving afternoon. Since we won’t be together for Christmas, it has been especially fun to spend this first part of the holiday season together. We’ve had some snow, wonderful hot chocolate, Grittibänz (Swiss bread men) and mulled cider, and hunted for nutcrackers and treats at the markets. We have so much to be thankful for. Read more

freitag favorites + cozy weekend

We’re so thankful that Martin’s mom was visiting for the last two weeks and sad that she flew home this morning. Martin is off to a hammer training weekend in Ticino, so Reese and I are cozy at home for a lazy weekend. We don’t have anything planned except talking, walking, smiling, reading, napping, knitting, and maybe watching Gilmore Girls. Reese has been doing lots of smiling, cooing, and toy grabbing lately and it is so fun to watch her grow-up a little bit every day.
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