freitag favorites + the waiting game

The wait for Baby Bing continues over here, but at least spending time with my mom and Martin helps decrease my frustration and pre-labor jitters. We spent most of yesterday at the hospital beginning induction, and hoping for a September 3rd baby to share Martin’s grandma’s birthday, but came home around 10pm only a few “training contractions” into the process. Now we’ll be headed back again later tonight unless I can eat enough spicy food or take enough brisk walks to further jump start the process. My dad arrives tomorrow afternoon and I’m sure is hoping that the baby will delay long enough to share his birthday on September 6th. In any case, there isn’t much #laborbeforelaborday happening yet around here. Read more

freitag favorites + baby countdown

With just two and half weeks until my due date, I’ve definitely entered the stage of pregnancy where people wherever I go really look at me like I’m going to deliver a baby at any moment. I’m pretty confident that Baby Bing is going to stay put for a bit longer, but I am happy to have only two more days of work before my maternity leave begins. (And, just 10 days until my mom arrives for almost a month.) Not only am I excited about becoming a mom and a family of three, but also all the visitors that Baby Bing will bring our way this fall, and in the future. Read more

freitag favorites + last weekend away

Since the weather this past week has become quite a bit cooler and showery, I’m thrilled to report that my overall outlook on surviving the rest of this summer pregnancy is quite a bit improved. I’m not sleeping as well anymore, but with significantly less swollen feet (on average), and only three weeks and two days left of work until my maternity leave, the end is really in sight. Read more

freitag favorites + nesting

Happy weekend friends! I’m thrilled for a weekend and another longer chance to put my feet up and focus on staying cool and doing a little more nesting at home. Last weekend the crib arrived and while I anxiously await the arrival of the rest of the furniture, I’m focusing my nesting efforts around the rest of our place, cleaning, organizing, and finally making a few other decisions we’ve put off. We installed some new shelving in our dining room and have a few more projects in the works so I should have another *haus to home* post for you again soon. Read more

freitag favorites + summer heat

Martin is off to Ticino for a weekend of training/coaching and I’m already busy trying to stay as cool as possible. This summer is off to a hot, hot start, and without true AC anywhere except perhaps the grocery store this pregnant lady is limited to keeping cool with cold showers and lazing in front of the fan with her feet up. I’ve already been wishing I was back in Crete with this view: Read more

freitag favorites + babymoon

This week’s post is sponsored by sunshine and the sounds of waves. After just two weeks back at work, including one day back at Wolfsberg, I’m thrilled to be on vacation again where my highest priority is remembering to wake up before I get sun burned. This time I am in Crete and all I can say is that for once Martin has a competition in a location I’m really excited about. Read more

freitag favorites + vacation countdown

Today’s warm sunny weather has faded away into weekend showers and I’m happy to be home from work a bit early with my feet up. With few plans for the weekend other than church, lounging, and some early packing for my trip next week, I’m very thrilled for two days of rest. And, I’m even more excited to only have three work days (and some warm, sunny weather) before heading off to Oregon to see so many beloved family and friends. Read more

freitag favorites + rainy day activities

It is nice to be tucked up inside enjoying one more free Friday while the rain pours down outside. As for my May 1st activity, I’m keeping clear of Zurich and any protests, and am just happy to be home for another long weekend. So far I’ve had a chance to finish knitting my first sweater for Baby Bing while listening to an audio book, catch up Feedly for the week, and take a long afternoon nap. Read more