swiss club championships

Here are a few photos from a Saturday a few weeks ago spent at the Swiss Club Championships in Bern. The Championships bring together athletes from clubs around Switzerland who compete in their individual events for points for each team. This year, Martin’s Leichtathletik-Club Zürich reclaimed both the men’s and women’s first prize. For me it was just another opportunity to enjoy the sunshine and play with my new camera. Read more

hello 31

Today I woke up a year older and (perhaps?) a year wiser. At least I can say for certain that birthdays are most fun when shared with great friends, especially when they involve relaxation by the pool and delicious food. Last year was one of the best. And as I celebrate the passage of another year, I cannot help but look back and remember what a blessing it was to be with my dearest girls for last year’s birthday/bachelorette weekend in Palm Springs. I cannot complain about my life in Switzerland, but sometimes it is just really far from home. Oh, what I would give for the ability to blink and travel like Jeannie so I could go from Tennessee to Wisconsin to California, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska and see all my favorite people. Read more

life without martin / a tribute to brown fleece

While Martin was away in Seattle, Kamloops, and the UK he suggested a post with the above title. You see, I have an addiction to fleece. The problem is that after I get home from work I immediately change into more comfy clothes, and usually this means that I put on my favorite brown fleece zip sweatshirt. I am loathe to admit it, but occasionally I also wear brown fleece pants that don’t entirely match the sweatshirt. (Martin hates this combination.) I don’t find it stylish, but since I’m looking for comfort, I don’t care. I’m actually not sure if he would consider it worse if I had a snuggie. Read more

the hildebrands say hello

It was our pleasure to host our first family visitors a few weeks ago when my Aunt Jeanne and cousin Kurt spent a long weekend with us in Zurich. Kurt is spending a year working as an RA for a school in Denmark and as he had a fall break from work, Jeanne met him Denmark so they could explore more of Europe together. It was Jeanne’s first trip to Europe in 30 years, and Kurt’s first visit to Switzerland, so it was fun to have such excited travelers eager to see new things. Read more

mr. & mrs., etc.

I cannot believe how fast August and September flew by. So much has happened since my last post and I don’t know where to start. Hopefully this explains my blogging paralysis. I will do my best to catch up over the next few weeks. Read more