recycling // an outsider’s view of switzerland, part 1

IMG_9294Hi! This is Kate’s sister, Greta. I am taking over Home Schwiiz Home with a four-part series that will allow you to experience some of the uniquely Swiss aspects of life in Zurich from an outsider’s perspective. After visiting for the fourth time in three years, it is time to share some of the interesting differences between life in Switzerland and the United States. Kate is not qualified to describe these differences anymore; she has lived here long enough that this has become her second nature. I will start with the topic that I have continued to comment on nonstop since my first visit to Switzerland: trash and recycling. Kate wrote on this topic in 2011, but has since overly adapted to the extreme system. Read more

6 tips for traveling with a baby


the many faces of Reese on the train home

With just five months of parenting under our belts, we still have so much to learn. The one thing we may have perfected so far is what works well for us when traveling with Reese, especially daily travel on the train. We still have to see how all this translates on a longer plane trip, e.g. our trip home to the US in mid-March, but so far these principles and products get us through every day trips and on weekend getaways.

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bright winter blooms

freitag favorites + short update

In the last week since all our visitors have returned home, we have settled into a quiet daily routine, especially since the weather has been very, very wet and windy most days. I’ve been busy decluttering around the house, organizing the last few years of favorite photos into yearly albums for printing, and  feeling a little sad as I think about going back to work (mostly as we consider how we’ll manage work and ample family time). We’re definitely sad to be so far from family when considering childcare options. Read more

news for the new year

Our year end was busy was jammed pack with family time, Reese’s first Christmas, sightseeing and shopping around Zürich, lazy days filled with board games and good food, and a snowy, mountain-top visit. Martin is back to his normal work schedule, and I’m shaking my head in disbelief that I’ve already been home with Reese for four months. The countdown to my mid-April return to work is, unfortunately, on. Read more

freitag favorites + thanksgiving

Thanksgiving was extra special this year even though we didn’t host our normal friendsgiving dinner. Not only was it Reese’s first Thanksgiving, but also my parents arrived on Thanksgiving afternoon. Since we won’t be together for Christmas, it has been especially fun to spend this first part of the holiday season together. We’ve had some snow, wonderful hot chocolate, Grittibänz (Swiss bread men) and mulled cider, and hunted for nutcrackers and treats at the markets. We have so much to be thankful for. Read more

freitag favorites + the unexpected

This week’s favorites come a day late, and with a heavy heart. When I started compiling the links below for this week’s post, I never could have predicted what I would be feeling now. I went in for a routine check-up up on Wednesday and while I’m otherwise in good health, I failed my glucose test. I was sent back to my family doctor for another blood test and two hours later the verdict was in. I’m diabetic, and I’m still in shock. Read more

haus to home: dining room progress

Just over two years ago, I shared my first *haus to home* post, featuring our old dining room. In that room our table was really the perfect size for the small, sunny space.  Then we moved and while we love our little (really heavy) table enough to have asked three men to finesse it up the stairs (see below), it is a little small for our new space and most probably will require a size upgrade prior to our next Thanksgiving. While we’re still trying to decide on what we want, we’ve found other ways to move forward with settling in to our new dining room. Read more