an evening at baselworld

Last Friday afternoon Martin and I hopped on a train to Basel for a trip to the Baselworld watch fair. Martin’s new sponsor, Maurice Lacroix, had invited us to attend several events announcing their new line and celebrating their recent design sponsorship with Wallpaper* magazine. Since the events didn’t start until 5:00pm we took advantage of a free Friday afternoon, and a lot of sun, to explore a bit of Basel before heading to the watch fair. Read more

adventure, asset, annoyance

As I settle in to life in Zürich I thought it might be a fun to start a blog series about the little things here that are different from my former life in Seattle. So far, I’ve found new favorites and frustrations, but nothing that I cannot learn to appreciate, or at least adjust to, eventually. Read more

on routine

I thrive on a good routine. Some of my best times are when I’m busiest and I always get more done when my daily schedule is full. For the last few years, I’ve struggled with my routine. Once I finished work at Zango in April 2009, the monotony of continued job searching really set in and I clung to the enjoyable parts of my schedule I could make more routine–classes at the gym, running, church, and time with family and friends. Every so often my schedule would be readjusted for occasional contract work and I excitedly looked forward to getting dressed earlier in the morning in something besides lounge pants and cozy sweatshirts (and something to keep from getting too attached to elastic waistbands). Read more

crami church

Last week we received this letter inviting us to an evening meeting for all newcomers to the Cramerstrasse SDA Church (informally known as “Crami Church”). The plan was for several hours meeting other new attendees and an opportunity to learn more about how the church and how its many committees function. So, on Monday evening, Martin and I headed off to church. Read more

americana in switzerland

I came across this cute wrapping paper while browsing the stationery section at Globus, a department stores on the Bahnofstrasse, the other day. I thought the juxtaposition of the paper display–gnomes and little Indian chiefs was a little odd, but mostly I wondered: Is this paper sold in the US? I’ve already seen a couple of Swiss kids in my neighborhood dressed like Pocahontas and Squanto, though I have no idea why. (For a school activity?) I’ve also seen posters advertising exhibits on Native American artifacts. It is going to be interesting to see representations on America’s history from a different perspective. I wonder what I’ll learn. Read more

swiss floral patterns (and other bedding challenges)

One of the most debated topics Martin and I considered once we knew we were moving to Switzerland was whether to get American- or European-sized beds. We knew that we would most likely be returning to the States in a few years and we wanted to make sure that we could get the best long-term value for our money. Eventually we settled on European-sized beds. After a lot of searching, we found two beds that were firm enough for Martin and soft enough for me, and seemingly the only Swiss beds that use springs (and not just foam) for support. Read more