on the trail // pizol & the five lakes

It’s been almost two months since we hiked the Five Lakes Classic around Pizol on a warm, August afternoon, but it was such a beautiful day out that it is still worth sharing. Along the 11 km path, we passed 5 lakes, one peak (Pizol at 2,844 m.a.s.l.), numerous sheep, and plenty of steep, rocky switchbacks winding up, down, and around. I’m not sure when we’ll be back to do it again as it was a lot of work for Martin to lug Reese, but next time we’ll leave earlier and pack a picnic to enjoy part-way through. Read more

holland holiday

The Trip


Our recent family trip to Amsterdam in mid-August was the perfect way to enjoy the end of summer as well as celebrate our anniversary and Martin’s birthday. Initially, we planned the trip around the possibility of seeing Jason Isbell in concert in Utrecht but, though the tickets were really inexpensive, a Wednesday night concert seemed like it might be a difficult date to manage considering our work schedules. The tickets were so cheap though (EUR 15) that we bought tickets just in case. In the end, it turned out to be the best motivator to actually plan a short trip. Martin strives to visit a new country each year and, though he has technically been to Amsterdam’s airport before, this trip also crossed off his new country list for 2016.

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on the trail // above stoos


One of the best things about this summer is that we’ve really settled into a weekend hiking routine. Motivated by summer visitors and easy (and cheap) mountain access thanks to our car and UBS’s current mountain railway deal, we’ve been out on the trail nearly every weekend exploring a new part of Switzerland.

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on the trail // aare river gorge


On the drive home from Mürren and the Schilthorn, we stopped for a quick visit to the Aare River Gorge (Aareschlucht), just outside Meiringen. We were a bit tired and hot from the morning’s adventures and even though we didn’t know exactly what to expect, we stopped. It was so worth it. The cool breeze along the path and tunnels through the river gorge was the perfect way to finish off a day of sightseeing. Read more


freitag favorites + london

london0616 - 31After another week of crazy rain, I’m thrilled to go into this weekend with an evening full of blue sky and sunshine. It won’t last long, but at least there is more sunshine in our forecast next week. Surprisingly, it was less rainy in London over the weekend than it was in Zurich. Unfortunately, our little mini-break turned into an even quicker trip after a crazy day of travel delays. Read more


the top of europe

view from the Eigerwand

The Jungfraujoch has been on our to-see list for awhile, especially since it was also on my parents’ wishlist after the TODAY show broadcast from the “Top of Europe.” Unfortunately, their last few trips here just weren’t convenient for such an outing, at least not with a newborn granddaughter (September) or a three-month old and stormy weather (November). But since Reese had a great trip up to the top of Titlis over Christmas and we had a better chance of clear weather, we went for it when my parents visited a few weeks ago. Read more

6 tips for traveling with a baby


the many faces of Reese on the train home

With just five months of parenting under our belts, we still have so much to learn. The one thing we may have perfected so far is what works well for us when traveling with Reese, especially daily travel on the train. We still have to see how all this translates on a longer plane trip, e.g. our trip home to the US in mid-March, but so far these principles and products get us through every day trips and on weekend getaways.

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