zurich coffee guide

{editor’s note} Take a break from your busy Thanksgiving preparations and enjoy Martin’s look into Zurich’s coffee scene, beyond Starbucks . . .

My beard is not quite long enough or styled enough to make me a hipster, but if you look at my preferred drinks—craft beer and good coffee—I am inclined in this direction. As a solid, hoppy brew is a rarity in Switzerland, I’ve recently been more interested in searching out the new third-wave coffee offerings in Zurich. Despite growing up in Seattle, I was never a big coffee drinker until I got to Europe. Even now I prefer quality over quantity. My go-to drink at work is tea; and I enjoy the occasional cup of coffee when I need a short break from work. I am by no means an expert, but I know what I like and below are a few of the favorites cups I’ve found amongst Zurich’s growing coffee scene. Read more

freitag favorites + summer sun

Freitag favorites is finally back, at least this week. I took a little extra time off from work today and despite getting up early, I enjoyed a quiet breakfast and a chance to catch up lot of my favorite blogs. It is going to be a hot, holiday weekend here in Zürich and I’m looking forward to a little extra time lounging in the shade of our terrace with a new book (and perhaps a rootbeer float). I’ve had a bit more time for reading lately and devoured the last book, Delicious!, which was a deliciously wonderful read. I’m also excited that we are renting a car this weekend to run a few extra errands and hopefully get started on planting on our terrace garden. Read more

freitag favorites + my christmas countdown

Finally it’s Friday. This week seemed extra long, but at least a lot was accomplished including the timely mailing of Christmas cards and packages. And, after two weekends visiting various Christmas markets with Martin’s mom (including Zürich, Einsiedeln, and Bern) I’m now stocked up on chocolates and treats for presents and guests. (The photos in this post are both from Einsiedeln.) Hooray for Christmas and visiting family in just 12 days! Read more

the beauty of fall

After tomorrow, I will be just one oral exam away from finishing my current German course (B1). This means that I should probably be studying tonight, but instead I am catching up on my favorite blogs, listening to NPR (today’s Morning Edition), and contemplating how nice it will be to re-discover the joy that is regular free evenings. I already have lots of plans about how I will spend my evenings this fall, but one thing I hope to do is blog more and keep up on sharing photos from our latest adventures. So, in lieu of Deutsch lernen, let’s look back at the rest of the highlights from our October, and the best of fall, around Zürich… Read more

freitag favorites + visiting friends

It has been awhile since I last shared the things that have caught my eye recently. I really wanted to share most of these last week, but was so ecstatic to have my dear friend Kim arriving for the weekend that I forgot to finish the post.  Instead, we spent the weekend walking around Rigi, soaking in the indoor/outdoor pool at the Mineralbad, and enjoying plenty of time to catch-up on all the news from home. Read more

a slow start to spring

Once again I am falling behind as a blogger. Work catches up with me and when I get home it is all I can do to throw something together for dinner and spend a few hours with Martin before climbing into bed. Ever since we got back from the US in January my routine has been off. I’ve been too tired to get up as frequently for the gym in the morning and the lack of consistent exercise limits my energy level even more.  It hasn’t helped that the beginning of Spring in Zurich has been so wintry.  Given this, I couldn’t have been more excited to join Martin at a spring training camp in Tuscany for 10 days and recharge my battery. Read more

it’s been too long

IMG_2727I have been silent in this space for so many months that it has taken me the past few weeks to even figure out where to start again. Last fall flew by, a whirlwind of activity beginning with a visit from Martin’s family, being extra busy at work while my boss was on holiday, enjoyed a long weekend to Vienna, and finally capping off the year with three weeks back home on the West Coast with our families. Read more

freitag favorites + celebrations

DSC00473Apparently we like to pack our Augusts with momentous occasions. Last year at this time we were just married and headed off on our honeymoon in Basque Country. And, with my soul left behind somewhere in California for awhile, Martin’s birthday was under-celebrated. This year, I hope I made up for that.  Yesterday our friends Kibwé and Crystal (and baby Brooklyn) arrived for a post-Olympics recovery holiday and, as it was also Martin’s birthday, we celebrated in his honor with a delicious dinner at one of our neighborhood favorites, Restaurant Bürgli. Dinner was followed by a cookie tower (with precariously placed candles) for the birthday boy as that was his most-desired dessert wish this year. Read more