family + freitag favorites

The past few weeks since my last post have really flown by! After a too-short 10 day visit, my parents headed home to California on Monday. Martin left early yesterday for 10 days in Portugal (oceanside training camp), and I have been twiddling my thumbs at work as it has been very quiet due to summer holidays. Since then, I’ve had plenty of time while watching the Tour de France to make lots of lists. If I can accomplish even half of tasks I’ve identified before Martin comes back I’ll be happy. Read more


swiss club championships

Here are a few photos from a Saturday a few weeks ago spent at the Swiss Club Championships in Bern. The Championships bring together athletes from clubs around Switzerland who compete in their individual events for points for each team. This year, Martin’s Leichtathletik-Club Zürich reclaimed both the men’s and women’s first prize. For me it was just another opportunity to enjoy the sunshine and play with my new camera. Read more

grand prix von bern

On Saturday afternoon Martin and I headed down to Bern for my first Swiss road race. After weeks of sunny and warm summer weather, spring had returned with cool days and lots of thundershowers. It was overcast when we arrived in Bern around 1:30 pm, but by the time we had finished a quick pre-race lunch the rain was coming down. I tried not to think about the rain and cold, and my anticipation about running 10 miles with thousands of others on wet, cobbled streets. I got my number and Martin and I enjoyed an espresso and huddling under umbrella until my section’s start time around 4:18 pm. Read more