fränkisch-crumbach throws a party

Each year the little town of Fränkisch-Crumbach, Germany, throws a big party for hammer throwers. They welcome a field of international throwers, including competitors from all around Europe, South America, and even China. World records have been broken on this field which, for the rest of the year, is merely an empty expanse of grass behind the local grocery store. On this May weekend, the field becomes a reason for all the locals to come and enjoy some beer and bratwurst and see some of the best in the world throw. Read more

hallo heidelberg

The last weekend of May was the last of the long weekends peppering our holiday calendar thanks to the public observance of so many Easter-related holidays. In April and May alone, we had 6 public holidays not including several shortened work days in advance of the holidays. For those feeling jealous, keep in mind that we are now without public holidays until Christmas except Swiss National Day in August. While days off are nice, I do somewhat miss the spread of holidays in the US. Read more

two weeks of work + germany weekend

The last two weeks have been filled with work, travel, and lots of changes to my routine. Unfortunately all my news has been slow to make it to this space. Last weekend we were in Germany for a hammer-only meet in Fränkisch-Crumbach. (See Martin’s website for more about that.) I most enjoyed riding on the Autobahn in our rental VW Golf, catching up with our friend Sultana, staying in a very cute old guest house, and seeing so many people really enjoying watching the hammer throw. It was a lot of fun. Read more