haus to home: dining room progress

Just over two years ago, I shared my first *haus to home* post, featuring our old dining room. In that room our table was really the perfect size for the small, sunny space.  Then we moved and while we love our little (really heavy) table enough to have asked three men to finesse it up the stairs (see below), it is a little small for our new space and most probably will require a size upgrade prior to our next Thanksgiving. While we’re still trying to decide on what we want, we’ve found other ways to move forward with settling in to our new dining room. Read more

freitag favorites + moving prep

Last week’s hiatus in posting is due to the limited internet access we had at home last week. Our modem died and it was an incredibly long few days of squinting over my iPhone screen before we were able to get back online. We also upgraded a bit with a new modem and, as a bonus, a new cable box which allows us to turn on the TV guide without pressing the remote control at least 10 times and a DVR which can actually record more than one channel at a time. I am so happy to say that it is a new world of TV freedom in the Bingisser household and we no longer have to debate about which show (usually Top Gear vs. Call the Midwife) while the other records. Read more

freitag favorites + a new flat

Happy Friday! We had an eventful week here as we decided to apply for the apartment we looked at last week. Then we waited for an answer about whether our application had been accepted. Zürich apartments are notoriously hard to get and we have had friends that submitted applications for more than 20 apartments before finding a place. We were a little worried because some places don’t love Americans, but apparently we got extra lucky again. We didn’t have to wait the few weeks we expected…We found out yesterday that we got the place and it is so exciting! Read more

haus to home: our dining room

Since last fall I have been asked for updated photos of our apartment. You would think after living here for more than one year the place would be furnished and in order. Yet I kept putting off the updates as we are still looking for some critical pieces. (We only acquired a coffee table in the last month,  the lighting and wall decoration is still up in the air, and the guest bed moves from wall to wall as I try to finalize the layout.) Still, the four-day Easter weekend left me with no more excuses. I had the time to spruce up the blog, photograph our spring table setting, and hopefully build more momentum to share more regular updates with you. Read more

our bomb shelter basement

A lot of you have asked how progress on decorating our apartment is coming along. We are are making progress (and more pictures will come soon). We’ve been working on our basement storage room, part of the sub-divided bomb shelter that is a standard part of Swiss apartment buildings. Martin bought some weights so that he can more easily lift weights on the weekends and during the winter. We also setup some shelves to help store all our travel and sports equipment, extra boxes, and guest bedding. It is so nice to have this extra storage space in our basement! Read more