fixer upper fanatic

Two weeks ago, in the depths of a long weekend filled with nothing except feeling really sick, and moving between the couch, bed and the bathroom, I decided to buy a season of Fixer Upper on iTunes to watch while feeling miserable. Somewhat unexpectedly, I got sucked right in and became a total fanatic. Even Martin (mostly) enjoys watching with me.

Now, after having binge-watched Season 4 and most of Season 3, this PNW mountain girl is oddly ready to leave Switzerland for Waco, Texas, and establish a new country home we can call our own. Of course, it helps that Waco is so much more reasonably-priced than here. (I mean, we could find what we wanted and redo it for less than $300k while that would get us barely a normal down payment on a similar property here.) I’m also always drawn to the idea of a smaller, college town that’s not too big but still has some personality, and I love that it is along a river.

So, while I keep dreaming, considering what we could actually do in Waco besides enjoy our house, and developing our application (we would be compelling applicants internationally relocating, right?), I thought it would be fun to some of my favorite Fixer Upper homes and rooms from seasons 3 and 4 so far. Read more