what’s on my mind for 2018

Today is a rare day with time for reflection since I am home alone, without work and without Reese, for the whole day. Since we are leaving for LA this week, we switched one of her pre-school days to today as we pay for 3x per week even when we’re on vacation. While I could have worked, I took the opportunity to stay home, catch up on tasks that I have wanted to do for weeks and months even (e.g. clean out our car) and just take the opportunity to do what I want without distraction. Read more

resolutions for 2017

Here we are already halfway into January, and I’m just now finalizing my resolutions. Some of us, like Reese, just go at the year full tilt already have met major milestones in 2017, like walking. Others, like me, think about resolutions but struggle with following through.

The last time I posted my resolutions here was in 2014, and some of these are still high on my list. I only accomplished half of that list; thanks to Sonos and Spotify, we definitely listen to more music (#3), and we’ve done pretty well on travel (#4), including to spend more time with our friends and family, and keeping a spirit of adventure (#8-10).

So, before January rushes by, here’s my new list, in no specific order. I’m bringing back a few on the list from 2014, and I’ll take any tips on improved accountability. Read more